Catalina Island Bike Rentals

A Catalina Island Bike Rental is one of Avalon’s Best Attractions! Why walk or drive a golf cart? Relive your childhood in a modern way! Our Eco Friendly electric bikes are fun! No pollution as you travel at speeds up to 20 MPH!

$ 25

Electric Bike 1 Hour

Catalina Island Bike Rental

A Catalina Island Electric Bike Rental is one of the best things to do while visiting Avalon. The Catalina Island Biking routes are a breeze when riding a Catalina Bikes Electric motorized beach cruiser or fat tire.

Catalina Island Bike Rental

  • Age Restrictions

    16 Years Old +

  • Health Restrictions

    Physically Fit

  • Skill Level

    Beginner: Must be Able to Ride a Bike

Catalina Bike Rental Details

Top Rated Attraction on Catalina Island

If you haven’t done a Catalina Electric Bike Rental this is a Must Try! Electric Bike Rentals are the most fun way to get around the town of Avalon. Don’t waste your time trying to pedal a regular bike up and down the hills of town. No one is ever disappointed by a Catalina Island Electric Bike Rental.

Catalina Island #1 Bike Shop for Customer Service

Our friendly staff will greet you at our Catalina Island Biking Center where you’ll be fitted for your very own electric bike. Our bikes are the best on Catalina Island! Equipped with 7-Speed Shimano Gears, Samsung Lithium Ion Battery, and a throttle on the right handlebar.  As you pedal your bike down the road simply pull back on your throttle to give a boost to your speed and make your vacation a breeze.

What Is There to Do on an Electric Bike?

Take your bike out to Lover’s Cove for an awesome snorkeling session, or stop by Descanso Beach Club for a margarita on the beach.  Climb the hills to the famous Cross above Avalon or go all the way up to 3 Palms!  Stop by the Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Gardens up in the valley of Avalon, or get a history lesson at the world famous Catalina Museum.  Renting a bike is not only the Eco Friendly way to see the Island but it’s cost efficient allowing you to relax and explore rather than rush around town in search of a good time.

Please Read Our Rental Waiver to Make Sure You Qualify to Rent

Please take the time to Review Our Bike Waiver.

Every Participant must sign a waiver prior to rental.

You may print a waiver and bring it with you.